Welcome drinks at the Chivas Afroblend

The Chivas Expression Of Food, Fun & Fashion

Alcohol is generational. For example, my baby-boomer parents loved gin. My Gen-X cousins drank whiskey, and I only drank rum and vodka. I grew up to appreciate both gin and scotch. After I turned 25, I learned how to drink whiskey on the rocks. My new respect for whiskey formed new patterns. No more poor-quality whiskey diluted in sugary mixers. It developed into a treat to savor the notes of a quality scotch. It was a thrill to be invited to the Chivas Afroblend at Latitude 15. Latitude 15 is a boutique hotel in the heart of old suburban Lusaka. What stronger way to present a timeless whiskey to a youthful drinker? They rolled the red carpet out, a blend of whose-who were in attendance, and the refreshments flowed. The welcome drink was a Chivas mimosa, champagne infused with a Chivas syrup garnished with a cherry. A smooth, fresh drink to present the whiskey notes to the virgin drinker. The signature cocktails on offer were two classics with a twist: the Chivas Highball and the Chivas Sour. Another tasteful expression in a fashionable setting.

After wetting our palette, we experienced a Chivas tasting. Mini, the Chivas brand ambassador, taught us how to taste whiskey. I had an awakening into whiskey enlightenment, but learning never ends. The lessons I carried from the evening were:

  • Serve scotch in Glencairn glasses. The wide bottom increases swirl and the narrow top strengthens scents.
  • Carry your glasses at the stem to improve your swirl.
  • As you swirl, observe the color and texture of the scotch.
  • Darker colors give full-bodied flavors.
  • To detect the diverse layers of aromas in the scotch, place the glass by your chin and nose.
Chivas served in Glencairn glasses

We followed the dry tasting with a wet tasting. This was sipping the Chivas with a gourmet meal prepared by Latitude 15’s Head Chef. As I dug through the meal, a pattern emerged. We had a refreshing and fruity appetizer to complement the acidic tones in the Chivas 12. To integrate the robust Chivas 15, the main had richer flavors. The decadent chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream stressed the citrus tones of the Chivas 18. The dry tasting and wet tasting showed off the delicate flavor of Chivas Scotch. When we go out for a drink, we dress to express our mood and intentions. Chivas showed this synergy by closing the night with a fashion reveal by Esnoko. Esnoko is a high-end fashion house that has showcased in South Africa Fashion Week and Lusaka July. Instead of experimental haute couture, I feasted my eyes on the Afrocentric athleisure line. The bold prints and tailoring had turned streetwear into an inspirational fashion trend. The clothes are more suitable for trendy outings than sweaty workouts. There you see the Chivas positioning shining, redefining classic branding into modern glamour for the new Chivas market.

Esnoko’s collection

Photography credit: https://hartiphotography.pixieset.com/chivasafroblend/

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