My Come to Blogging Moment

Reviving a defunct blog or starting a new one were priority on my wishlist. I did not perform any tasks to make it a reality, like elusive body goals, I persuaded myself it would materialise in the far future. Odd logic for someone with a frivolous phobia of maturing. Three weeks ago, I received an invitation to a whisky tasting as a blogger. I called a friend to share the news. “Yes, they asked me for a blogger and I suggested your name,” I thought I could hear a grin.
“But I’m not a blogger,” I whined.
“It’s not a problem. Just show up and I don’t think they will ask for your blog.” he responded.
“Are you certain?” It was a valid question. Why would a company in Lusaka give food and alcohol for free?
“Relax!” Reassured, I cut the line. 

I heeded his advice, showed up, turned up and documented my night. Three days later, a polite reminder for the article appeared in my inbox. I panicked! Lusaka is small. I knew switching off my phone was a short-sighted solution for a freelancer like me. I realised my friend had set me up. I worried about that fact that I hadn’t finished a creative piece in years. While fighting off the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, I toiled to finish my review, and that is how this blog came to be. 

The Girl Behind the Screen

I am a recovering people pleaser, former social media manager, current law student and aspiring writer. I chose the name TallZedGirl because my height is usually what people notice first. Only, if I am eating, then they notice I can talk forever.

I believe that I never had a growth spurt because I have always been tall. At age one, I could open doors. Two years later, I could climb onto counters to grab the hidden box of biscuits. By 11 years, I was the tallest girl in a school of 350 students. One can imagine my discomfort at growing up having a grand physique in this society. Consider this, while staring into someone’s eyes is a marker of trust or romance in the West, here its association is not so positive. I needed to make up for being so overbearing. Being less assertive, wearing flats, slouching and sitting down immediately after I enter a room are all the actions I have tried to ‘fit in’. Perhaps it’s not just my height. There could be other factors at play. Among them, my opinionated nature. Another being, my love for expanding my vocabulary or “big” words. Most taboo of all is my liberal attitude towards religion. There are many circumstances I deviate from the norm I’ve been taught or expected to follow. Instead of having a telepathic conversation with the universe for acceptance, I’m on a journey to own my idiosyncrasies. 

Latest from the Blog

Life Lessons from Dwight Yorke

Our AFCON victory was almost a decade ago. Like the Bond-Girl curse, our success did not beget more. Our performance declined and our forays into the Premier League proved futile. Any football fan can dismiss my cynicism because I balance my investment in football on the national team’s performance

#Chivas Afroblend

It was a thrill to be invited to the Chivas Afroblend at Latitude 15. Latitude 15 is a boutique hotel in the heart of old suburban Lusaka. What stronger way to present a timeless whiskey to a youthful drinker?

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